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Class Guidelines

Dress Code


  • Black leotard and pink tights with pink ballet shoes.

  • Pink waist elastics are required for Ballet 2 and above.

  • Black pointe skirts for pointe class.

  • Hair must be in a neat bun.

  • Recommended to purchase leotards, tights, and ballet shoes from dancewear stores. Inquire in the office for local store information.

  • Recommended students 7 years and under should choose ballet shoes without ties.

  • Please avoid wearing jog bras under leotards and refrain from using scrunchies or creating messy ponytail buns.


  • White t-shirts and black shorts or pants with black ballet shoes.

  • Shirts should not have any writing on them.

These guidelines help ensure a uniform and professional appearance during classes. Thank you for your cooperation!


If your child will be absent from class, please notify us by phone or email, including your child's name, the class they attend, and the reason for their absence. Please note that tuition payments are required regardless of attendance.

Missed classes can be made up in classes of the same or lower level.

Costume Maintenance Fundraiser​

At A Leg Up Ballet Academy, we take immense pride in our biannual performances: 'The Nutcracker' in December and our Spring Ballet (TBA) in late May/early June.

You might be curious about the purpose of our costume maintenance fundraisers. Although we do have costumes, our growing studio requires new ones for each performance. These costumes can be quite costly, often exceeding $75 each. With our talented young dancers wearing multiple costumes per show and two ballets a year, the expenses can quickly add up.

The funds from our fundraisers are essential for purchasing new costumes, handling alterations, repairs, and acquiring intricate details like headpieces, gloves, and props. These elements play a vital role in enhancing the overall visual appeal of our productions, making them polished and professional.

What sets A Leg Up Ballet Academy apart is our commitment to following the tradition of professional ballet companies. We reuse costumes, allowing us to save money. In contrast, other studios require families to purchase and keep individual costumes for each performance, which can amount to around $300 per year.

By supporting our costume maintenance fundraisers, you not only contribute to the quality of our performances but also enjoy significant cost savings. Your support is invaluable in maintaining the excellence and professionalism that A Leg Up Ballet Academy is known for.

We understand the financial commitment of our students' families and aim to provide a cost-effective and exceptional ballet experience. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we look forward to enchanting you with our upcoming performances!

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