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Payment Schedule:

Payments are due on the 20th for the following month. We offer multiple payment options, including

cash or check made payable to A Leg Up Ballet Academy.


PayPal (,

service fee may be applied if not paid as "friends and family"

Venmo @ALegUpBallet-Academy 

(make note of student(s) name and month or other reason for payment) for added convenience.

Please note that a $10.00 late fee will be assessed for all payments received after the 1st of the month.

Registration and Costume Fees:

When you register, there is a $25.00 registration fee per student ($30 per family) due along with one month's payment for each class you are registering for. Additionally, costume fees will be determined for specific performances, and we will

be organizing fundraisers to help offset these costs.

Tuition Structure:

Our tuition structure is based on an annual fee for all classes, which we then divide into 9 equal monthly payments. It's important to understand that these payments are not calculated on a per-class basis for a specific month. Instead, they represent the annual fee spread into manageable monthly installments. Please be aware that full monthly tuition is due for each month.

Pay Monthly Payment with PayPal

Ballet 4/5

$325 per month

Drop in $35

Ballet 3C

$295 per month

Ballet 3B

$270 per month

Ballet 3A

$160 per month

Ballet 2

$120 per month

Ballet 1B

$65 per month

Ballet 1

$65 per month


$60 per month

Teeny Tiny

$50 per month

Adult Ballet

$65 per month

Drop in $18

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